All Boarding options include:

  • Small group turnout 2-3 horses per field

  • Water buckets and feed pans cleaned daily

  • Stall provided on farm schedule and cleaned daily

  • Blankets and fly masks, as provided by owners, put on/changed as needed AM and PM

  • Farm grain and hay 2x per day. Other grain may be fed at owners expense. 

  • Supplements, as provided by owners, will be fed as needed up to 2x/daily and must be bagged per daily dose. 

  • Max of 10 horses on pasture

  • Boutique farm so each horse gets personal care and attention to detail for every horse

  • Small grass dressage ring and lighted sand jumping arena

  • Heated and cooled tackroom with individual lockers

  • Open space for hacking and conditioning

  • Use of wash stall

  • Owner is required to take two lessons or two training rides or combination thereof required per month (billed with board every month)


Type of Board Offered

  • Full Board - $600

    • Everything listed above​

  • ​Layup Board​ - $850

    • Full Board

    • ​Stall 24 hours per day

    • Up to 4 hours of turnout in a small layup field per day

    • Stall cleaned at least 2x per day

  • Training Board - $1200

    • Full Board​

    • 4-5 training rides per week

  • Training Board to Sell - $1400 + commission

    • Training Board

    • ​An ad on our website until your horse sells

    • Whitney will personally arrange and show your horse to potential buyers 
(A 15% sales commission will be due from total sale price of horse) 

  • Private Turnout - $800

    • Full board with private turnout paddock

  • Layover Board - $40/stall/day

    • 5 stalls available​

    • Outdoor sand arena with lights and jumps

    • Room for hacking

    • Small outdoor grass dressage arena

    • Owner provides all care, feed, and hay

    • Please email for more info at

Other Services

  • Haul-in lessons

  • Coaching at shows

  • Training rides

*Please note we do not accept cribbers!

**Please note our horses come inside in the morning and go out in the evening, year round.

Benefits of this schedule include

  • Horses thrive on this more natural routine and high-anxiety horses stay calmer due to extended turnout.

  • Circulation is improved due to constant movement leading to better joints and feet as well as keeping them warmer in the winter.

  • Extended turnout improves gut health because as the horses move, so do their guts, decreasing the risk of colic.

  • Water buckets in the barn quickly freeze in colder temps inside the barn while our heated automatic waterers in the pastures ensure they have access to fresh water even on the coldest nights. 

  • Most barn fires occur in the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning.